SCONVEY-Q Sorting Storage
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SCONVEY-Q Sorting Storage

Speeding up your production

Q for quick: SCONVEY-Q Sorting Storage solutions optimise material flows and contribute to increasing the efficiency of your production significantly.

Due to their strong cycle output and simultaneous high packing density, our sorting storage solutions can be used for re-sorting parts to ensure an optimal sequence for a specific customer order when it comes to production, for instance. This leads to considerably shorter set-up times and allows you to balance out production peaks.

The mechanical design of SCONVEY-Q Sorting Storage solutions is similar to that of a vertical stacker crane supplying a cantilever rack from the left and right. The parts are placed on shelves, whereby the shelf height depends on the specific height of the parts. The Sorting Storage device has direct access to every part or shelf.

To increase capacity, several Sorting Storage devices connected in series can be used.